Medgar Evers: A Protector That Deserved Better

Medgar Evers

Medgar Evers was a true American hero. He’d fight in WWII as a young man, though these wouldn’t be the last human atrocities he’d witness. Ironically, it was his time in the military that put the reality of Jim Crow South even further into perspective for him. Evers would experience a different culture in Europe, one not as oppressive as his home state of Mississippi.

This gave him a vision of how things could, and should be back in America. Upon returning home, he was invigorated with a new sense of purpose; making that vision a reality. 

He'd use his veteran's benefits to get an education, earning a bachelor's degree in Business Administration.

Finding His Purpose

Soon, he’d join the fight for civil rights full time, affecting change to the best of his ability in his hometown. He’d go on to hold office in the NAACP, becoming a widely recognizable face in the process. He was at the head of countless protests, often targeting businesses that practiced racial exclusivity.  

He even front-lined the desegregation of The University of Mississippi.

This would lead to him receiving many death threats. Still, he’d push forward, undeterred by the spew of hatred’s venom.

Excellence Cut Down

Edgar’s famous quote listed above would sadly prove to be true. Medgar Evers was shot and killed by a Klan member in 1963, with the apparent help of racist law enforcement. His funeral service drew over 3000 attendees.

Medgar Evers risked his life fighting for his country, and gave his life fighting for his people. There are few higher indicators of honor and dedication than that. At 37, he left behind an incredible legacy, one still recognized abroad to this very day. For his endless commitment to a better tomorrow, Paradigm salutes Medgar Evers.

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