Lois Mailou Jones: Art Is Life

These words would strike a chord in the heart of any creative.

They know all too well how free from limitations their artistic proclivities are. It’s just you, your passion, and your imagination. Artists like Lois Mailou Jones know this creative release all too well.

Jones had the great fortune of growing up around some of history’s foremost creatives. From renowned musicians, to writers, to artists, her versatile pick of talented influences was considerable! 

By the time she was a teen, she had already been awarded a scholarship from one of the most prestigious institutions of the time. In short, she was off to the races.

Art's Impact On Reality

Lois Mailou Jones would go on to have both a storybook academic and professional career. She’d travel around the world to study with those who excelled in creative expression. Her artwork would be featured in esteemed institutions all around the globe. She received dozens of the highest honors someone in her field could attain. She’d even get an invite to The White House from President Carter during the early 80’s.

This recognition is likely due, at least in part, to the depth in her work.

Jones’ offerings were constantly expanding. It’s not that one style was better than another. But rather, it was her willingness to remove limitations and venture into different styles that bore her true genius. 

Igniting The Shift

Jones was not just a great artist. She was a beacon of hope and motivation for those who look like her, and have the same aspirations. To have that representation in such a pure, dedicated, and humble talent is a welcomed rarity. 

For her contributions to the culture,
Paradigm acknowledges Lois Mailou Jones.

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