Lewis Howard Latimer – Endless Innovation

There’s something to be said for innovation born out of adversity.

The old adage of pressure creating diamonds takes on an entirely different meaning when the pressure is a result of literal slavery. Lewis Howard Latimer would experience such strain after being born to parents on the run from bondage.

His father gained considerable notoriety prior to Latimer’s birth, as a result of escaping slavery. Shortly after moving his family to a free state, he’d be caught and forced to stand trial. He’d score a major victory in court when they ruled he could buy his sovereignty back. 

The family was happy together for a short time, until new, bigoted legislation would tear them apart from each other.

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Despite such a traumatic separation, a young Latimer didn’t let this deter his commitment to excellence. He’d excel in every area of his focus, leaving behind a tremendous legacy. It was his sketches that were submitted by Alexander Graham Bell when attempting to secure a patent for the first telephone. He’d work on what would serve as the precursor to air conditioning. He even found a way to make elevator rides safer, reducing the number of injuries and deaths from faulty flooring. 

But perhaps his largest contribution came following his dealings with Thomas Edison.

 Latimer already had quite the history of working with electricity. He’d even go on to write the first textbook to explore electric lighting. His efforts would directly influence what would become General Electric, or GE. 

From Struggle
To Triumph

Of course, this doesn’t even begin to illuminate the true force of nature that was Lewis Latimer. His story is yet another prime example of struggle becoming triumph. His strength remains a shining example for all seeking the path to righteous living. For his contributions in the face of hardship, ParadigmHHC salutes Lewis Howard Latimer. 

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