With so much happening in the cannabis industry at once, it can be difficult to keep up with everything! From legality varying on a product to product basis, to the introduction of cannabinoids new to the market, there’s a lot to keep track of. For example, what’s the difference between HHC vs THC? 


Hexahydrocannabinol (HHC)

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)

Let’s start by saying that they do share some similarities. They both are naturally occurring in the cannabis plant. They can also both be sourced from our favorite plant in the form of cured buds, oil extraction, and more. But, that’s where many of the similarities end, and the glaring differences in HHC vs THC begin to take shape.

Cannabinoid Stability

First, there’s the actual cellular makeup of each cannabinoid. HHC has a higher presence of hydrogen than its counterparts. This has some resounding effects on its stability. THC begins losing its potency as soon as it’s exposed to the elements. Oxygen, sunlight, and climate all play a major role in stripping it of its properties over time.

HHC, on the other hand, fares much better in the elements due to the positive reinforcement from its hydrogen atoms. In simpler terms, that means your HHC will far outlast THC, or any other cannabinoid for that matter.

Choosing Us

The other major difference here involves the legal nature of each cannabinoid. THC still faces major restrictions from law enforcement. It’s only legal for recreational use in 19 states; the number rises to 37 when discussing medical use. Keep in mind though, that this only refers to the state level. It’s still federally illegal.

HHC, when derived from hemp, falls within the limits of the 2018 Farm Bill, and is thus legal at the federal level. When it comes to our products here at Paradigm, you can trust our quality materials as we only source from 100% USA Grown Hemp. Contact us today to learn more! 

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