Understanding the Different Methods of Cannabis Extraction

Dive into the fascinating world of cannabis extraction as we explore four popular methods that deliver potent, pure concentrates. Discover the art behind solvent-based, CO2, rosin, and ice water extraction, and see how Paradigm's passion for quality shines through every product.

The Essence of Extraction

At Paradigm, we’re all about connecting with our community and celebrating what sets us apart. That’s why we believe in delivering only the best top-shelf products, crafted with love and backed by rigorous testing. One crucial aspect of creating these exceptional products is understanding the art of cannabis extraction. Extraction methods are used to separate the valuable cannabinoids and terpenes from the plant material, resulting in potent and pure concentrates. Let’s dive into four popular methods of cannabis extraction, so you can appreciate the love and dedication that goes into each Paradigm product.

The OG Method: Solvent-Based Extraction

Solvent-based extraction is a tried-and-true method that’s been used for years, and for good reason. In this process, solvents like butane, propane, or ethanol dissolve the cannabinoids and terpenes, effectively separating them from the plant material. The solvent is then evaporated, leaving behind a potent concentrate that’s perfect for dabbing, vaping, or infusing into edibles. Butane Hash Oil (BHO) and ethanol extracts are two popular examples of solvent-based extraction. While this method is efficient and effective, it does require specialized equipment and careful handling to ensure the final product is safe and free of residual solvents.

Going Green: CO2 Extraction

As the cannabis industry evolves, so do the methods of extraction. CO2 extraction is an eco-friendly and efficient option that uses pressurized carbon dioxide to pull cannabinoids and terpenes from the plant material. This method is popular because it’s non-toxic, doesn’t leave behind any residue, and allows for precise control over the final product’s consistency, whether it’s a wax, shatter, or oil. CO2 extraction requires some serious tech, which is why you’ll often find it in the hands of professional labs. However, the end result is a clean and pure concentrate that you can feel good about enjoying.

Solventless Wonders: Rosin and Ice Water Extraction

If you’re seeking a more natural approach to cannabis extraction, look no further than solventless methods like rosin and ice water extraction. Rosin is a simple yet effective method that relies on heat and pressure to extract cannabinoids and terpenes from the plant material. By pressing cannabis flowers or hash between heated plates, a potent, terpene-rich oil is produced. This method is popular among DIY enthusiasts and those who appreciate a more wholesome approach.

Ice water extraction, on the other hand, uses ice-cold water to freeze and separate trichomes from the plant material. The mixture is then filtered through a series of fine mesh bags, resulting in a pure and potent concentrate known as bubble hash. Both rosin and ice water extraction are beloved for their solvent-free nature, which maintains the plant’s integrity and delivers a cleaner, more natural experience.

At Paradigm, we’re dedicated to providing our community with top-quality products, crafted with love and backed by rigorous testing. By understanding and embracing the different methods of cannabis extraction, we can ensure that our concentrates are always on point. If you have any questions, concerns, or just want to talk shop, hit us up on our contact page – we’re eager to build with you. Our passionate squad is ready to serve and support you in getting the most out of our products.

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